Fleetwood Borough has changed its yard sale procedures for borough residents in order to simplify the process. While the two yard sale limit per year still applies, the application process has been simplified. Effective immediately, residents will no longer have to go to borough hall to get a permit, but instead will E-mail details to . This E-mail will be monitored by the Fleetwood police department just as the paper permits were in the past. For those without E-mail access, you can still register in person at borough hall.

Complete instructions:

1) Send an E-mail to that includes the following information:

- Place the street address in the subject line of the E-mail

- Your name

- Street Address of yard sale (duplicate of subject line)

- Date of yard sale

- Other info: Side yard, garage, rear yard, part of a group / community yard sale,  etc.

2) The E-mail will give you a response indicating you are registered for the yard sale.

3) Fleetwood Police and borough officials will get a copy of the E-mail to ensure compliance with the maximum of two yard sales per year.

Yard Sale Ordinance available here