The Borough of Fleetwood will accept comments for the Water Distribution System Upgrades Project. The project proposes to replace the existing transite material water mains throughout the Fleetwood Borough’s water distribution system with ductile iron pipe. Water mains will be replaced on portions of West Main Street, East Pine Street, West Arch Street, West Washington Street, West Race Street, Green Street, South Franklin Street, and West Cedar Street. The project is not projected to have any impacts on the user fees. The project is under consideration by the PA Department of Environmental Protection for a Categorical Exclusion from environmental review requirements. The project documents will be available for public review and comment at the Fleetwood Borough website http://www.fleetwoodboro.com/ .   E-mail administration @ Fleetwoodboro.com (no spaces) with any comments

Documents for review:

Document A       Document M

Document B       Document N

Document C       Document O

Document D       Document P

Document E       Document Q

Document F

Document G

Document H

Document I

Document J

Document K

Document L