Building and Zoning Permits and Zoning Ordinance

located on Zoning and Building Permit page

Water / Sewer Pay By Credit Card:

The Borough of Fleetwood is now offering our customers the

 opportunity to pay their water/sewer bills with a Credit Card online.

Note: This is ONLY for Fleetwood Borough Residents.

Go to http://www.go2gov.net/go/fleetwood
to pay your water bills online.

A convenience fee of approximately $3.50 per $100.00 payment

will be charged by the third party vendor.

This amount is in addition to your current water/sewer bill.

For additional information, contact the Borough office at 610-944-8220.

 Water / Sewer Certification Form
(typically used by settlement companies for final water readings)

  Act 44 Disclosure Forms:

Act 44 MMCP disclosure Form


Act 44 PSAB disclosure Form

Act 44 to Entities providing Professional Services

Ordinances and Notices


Click here for the first part of our ordinances, “codified”. This is a PDF version that can be searched for specific ordinances. When looking for any ordinance, check here first.



Building Permits – Ordinance #543 states: “No building, structure, or sign shall be erected, constructed, moved, added to, or structurally altered, nor shall land be put to any use without a permit issued by the Zoning Officer”.  Permits are required for, but not limited to the following: new construction, additions and structural alterations, all pools (including inflatable pools) or ponds with depth 24 inches or more, storage sheds, fences, and signs. More info on the Building and Zoning page

Curfew - see ordinance 340

Fireplace / Fire pits / outdoor burning  - see summary here

NEW!  RV Parking on public streets: RV’s are allowed a two week period of time in certain areas to park on the street in order for the owner to maintain the RV. Please send an E-mail to administration @fleetwoodboro.com (no spaces) to request a permit. Permits will be granted by council based upon location and parking availability. When issued via E-mail, the permit then is placed on the RV windshield by the owner so the police can monitor.

Snow Removal – Ordinance #437 states that all snow, ice, hail, or sleet must be removed from sidewalks a minimum width of 48 inches within 24 hours of a storm. Snow, ice, hail or sleet may not be deposited onto any street, road, alley or public way used for travel.

Snow Emergency - Ordinance #518.  Fleetwood Primary Snow Emergency Routes

Snow Emergency may be declared by the Mayor or designee. Residents will be notified via Swiftreach phone system as well as local news media and FleetwoodBoro.com when possible.

Upon declaration, a parking prohibition shall go into effect on Snow Emergency Routes in the borough and remain in effect until terminated by an announced time or further announcement

Snow Emergency Routes:

Storm water Info : Click here

Tree Planting – Ordinance #446 requires that residents obtain a permit from the Shade Tree Commission before planting any tree, shrub or other woody plant in the area between the curb and sidewalk.

Vehicle Parking / Storage / Operation – Ordinance #574 states the restrictions on the operations, storage and parking of vehicles in the borough.  The ordinance covers Commercial, Large and Motor Vehicles along with Motorized and Non-Motorized Recreational Vehicles.

Weed removal – Ordinance #343 requires that all weeds and other vegetation not edible or planted for some useful or ornamental purpose in excess of ten inches must be cut.

Yard Sales – A free permit is required for sales held in the Borough. Limit of two sales per year. Obtain permit online at no charge prior to sale.

Zoning Ordinance - Ordinance #453

Updated - These ordinances were adopted by council:

Ordinance 539: Yard Sale Ordinance.  Also see the Yard Sale permit page

Ordinance 595 - TIGERS tax rebate program

Ordinance 603  Large gathering Ordinance

Special event application: To be used with Ordinance 603, or any request for street closure, etc.

Alcohol Permit for borough Property (Community Center, block party, etc) Alcohol is NOT permitted in Fleetwood Park.  Permit Application Here

Ordinance 604 Blighted or abandoned property ordinance , and required Registration form (PDF)

Ordinance 605 Yard Sale update (online filing - see Yard Sale Page for more info)

Ordinance 607 - Peace and Good order

Ordinance 608 - Foundry Alley one way

Ordinance 609 = 2015 Tax Rate

Ordinance 611 = LERTA

Ordinance 612 = Water Connections

Ordinance 613 = Rental Property (amended by Ordinance 615)  and application

Ordinance No. 247-25 amending the definition of “sidewalk area”

Ordinance 216-10 Vector Control (Rats, cockroaches, etc).

Ordinance 615 = Rental Property Ordinance (Reference Ordinance 613)

Ordinance 616 = Temporary Parking on 1 E. Main St

Ordinance 617 Zoning , updated for cell towers

Ordinance 619 - Parking

Ordinance 626 - Commercial Property Inspections  and Commercial Property Application

General Information / Notices:



Domestic Animal Laws – The State Dog Law is enforced within the Borough. It is illegal to allow dogs and domesticated animals to run loose.  Current dog license and shots are required. Dogs must be on leashes outside the home.  Please remember to clean up after your dog on your property as well as when walking the sidewalks.

Hydrant Flushing – Water hydrants are generally flushed during April and October.  

Leaf Collection – Leaves are collected during November, weather permitting. Place leaves at curbs for pickup.

Moving Permits – Moving permits are required when moving into, out of, or within the Borough limits. Permits may be obtained at no charge by clicking here: (PDF download) or coming to the Borough Office.

Parks  – Pavilions are available to rent in the park.  No alcoholic beverages or open fires are allowed. Park closes at dusk. Contact the Borough Office to make reservations and complete park contract. More info and forms available on our Parks page

Post Office - The post office is located at the intersection of Park Road and Lenhart Road in Richmond Township.  The telephone number is 610-944-9077.

Senior Citizens – Senior citizens meet on the first  and third Thursday of each month in the  cafeteria in the Community Center.

Signs – No signs shall be permitted on utility poles or trees within public right of way.

Street Sweeping – Sweeping generally begins in May and continues through October. Check local Merchandiser for exact schedule for even and odd sides.

Vacations – If planning to be away from home for any length of time, the police will check your property during your absence. Security Check applications may be obtained at the Borough Office or the Police Department.

Voting – Voting at election time takes place at either borough hall, or at the Fleetwood fire station depending on the residence location.  Find the appropriate voting location here

Water & Sewer Bills – Water meters are read at the end of each quarter. Bills are mailed February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st,** and are due 30 days from bill date or a 10% penalty on the current bill and 1.25% interest on all past due balances will be applied. There is a drop box for water bills and parking tickets located at the handicap entrance to the Community Center building. This box is checked daily.

**If you do not receive your bill within a week of the above dates, please contact the Borough office for a duplicate bill.

Emergency Shelter – Community Center Building, 110 West Arch St., Fleetwood


Fleetwood Borough’s TIGERS (Tax Incentives Generate Empowered Residents and Seniors) program is underway and we’re looking for borough residents interested in making our “our hometown” better every day while earning tax reimbursement. The program, created through an ordinance passed earlier this year, invites residents with financial needs, with first preference to seniors, to volunteer service to the Borough in exchange for a tax reimbursement at $5.99 per hour with a cap of $599 (or 100 hours) in a calendar year .The program is based on the successful STARS program utilized by the Fleetwood School District. At this time, we are accepting applications for interested seniors and residents. Working with our Director of the Department of Public Works, Greg Ebeling, the Community Volunteers Committee are developing volunteer opportunities that includes supervision, maintenance and beautification in the borough, including work in the following locations: Borough Office, Borough Hall, Fleetwood Parks/ Pavilions and Concession stands, Fleetwood Pool,courtesy water/ snack stations for parades, construction and painting opportunities. Applications are available at the Fleetwood Boro Hall. All applicants will be required to obtain the appropriate clearances to participate in this program.

Click here for the complete ordinance and application