This is information from PennDOT and their contractor, and will be updated as information is received.  

Do not call borough hall, all information is supplied via PennDOT. Call Hotline at bottom of this page with further questions.

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All information is supplied via PennDOT.  Call the Hotline at the bottom of this page with further questions.

Route 662/State Route 1010 Reconstruction Project

Description and location of the project is as follows:  Highway reconstruction project, including incorporated utilities, full depth pavement reconstruction, drainage, ADA ramps, curb, sidewalk, signs, pavement markings and signal upgrades on both SR 662 (S. Richmond St. & N. Franklin St.) and SR 1010 (Main Street) and other miscellaneous construction as indicated in drawings.

What does this mean?  This is a complete “reconstruction,” meaning the asphalt will be completely removed and rebuilt.  This will be done in phases as highlighted under “Construction Season” and is expected to be completed over a 3-year timeframe*

 Water Lines will be replaced All other utilities (UGI, Verizon, Met Ed, Service Electric Cablevision) will be reviewed and updated or addressed as necessary Sidewalks, curbs, and storm drains will be replaced by PennDOT When construction is finished on each section, there will not be any parking allowed on that street going forward New Alley at S. Richmond St. will be closed to traffic after construction is complete   Upgraded Railroad crossing & signals on S. Richmond St.

*Current Phase: South Richmond Street Nov 1, 2016 through June 2017*

Next scheduled work:

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Will the road be open on weekends?    No

 How will I receive mail, UPS and newspaper delivers?   The contractor will work with delivery services and as able will allow for access.

 How will my trash get picked up? Trash pick-up will continue.  Please contact your hauler to schedule pickup in the rear of your property.  For those without Alley access, it is suggested to coordinate pickup with your hauler.

 When replacing water, cable, phone, electric, &/or gas lines how will I be affected?    Any shut offs are handled by the utility company. Shut offs will be as minimally invasive as possible. You may experience brief interruptions in your utilities service at different times throughout the utility construction phase.  The contractor strives to keep these interruptions to a minimum.

 How do I get my heating oil?   Deliveries will continue and be coordinated with the contractor.

 What about Emergency services?  Fire, police, & ambulance expect to have access throughout construction, and will work with contractor in emergency situations. Emergency services have also developed alternative access routes as a backup.

 Poplar Street and Pine Street intersections will remain open for crossover as much as possible.

Reminder that residents must obey posted road closure signs as well as stop signs and other traffic control devices to ensure the safety of the motoring public and pedestrian traffic in the affected areas. Only residents and their service providers will be granted access to affected construction locations.

 Any questions you may have regarding the construction, please call
HOTLINE @  610-636-3435.

This number goes directly to the field office supervisor on the Fleetwood Project.